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UV Lights

UV Light Services in Buffalo, NY

Everyone wants their homes to be clean and free of germs and bacteria. But it can be hard to keep them that way, especially during our hot and muggy Buffalo, NY summers when all manner of microscopic intruders can find their way into your home. And once they arrive, they rarely leave since we keep our homes closed up tight in the summer and winter to retain the heat or cool air. What can be done?

UV lights make an excellent way to purifier the air in your home. When installed by the friendly professionals at Roy’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, they can do wonders not only for keeping your home clean, but for preventing illnesses from spreading to your family members. We perform installation, maintenance, repair and replacement services for UV lights in any Buffalo, NY home. Contact us to set up an appointment to discuss your options. We take the worry away!

How Do They Work?

If you remember high school science class, then you know what UV, or ultraviolet light is. We cannot see it – it exists beyond our ability to perceive – but you can feel the effects anytime you step out into the sunlight. At those levels, it causes skin to tan and burn. At lower levels, it’s quite harmless to humans and multi–cellular organisms like pets. Indeed, UV lights are often used to make white clothes glow in the dark at rock concerts and amusement parks.

While they’re safe for us, however, they’re absolutely lethal to germs and other tiny organisms. Just coming into contact with UV lights will either kill them outright, or render them incapable of replicating. That makes ultraviolet lights an excellent way to keep your home clean. The question is, how best to deploy such technology?

They Do Wonders in Your Ducts

Centralized heating and air conditioning systems relay on a series of ducts that run through your Buffalo, NY home to warm or cool the air. The system cycles through all of the air in your home as it runs, which makes it the best place to install a UV light. When placed at the apex of your ducts, the light can shine across the width of the duct, which means that any germs in the air can’t help but pass through it while the system blows.

As a result, you can “scrub” the air clean of germs every time you turn on your heater and air conditioner. UV light systems have few moving parts and usually require only periodic changing of the light bulbs to work. As a result, your air feels fresher and cleaner, and you’ll find instances of colds and other illnesses dropping considerably.

Our Team Can Install and Repair UV Lights

Considering how important your family’s health is, and considering how germs and viruses can spread in our muggy summers and cold winters, a UV light system can make an important part of your home.

We routinely install UV lights in home HVAC systems throughout the area, and our 100% guarantee ensures that the job will be done right every time. We also provide timely repairs in the rare case they are needed and periodic maintenance to prevent problems. We care about your health, so we’re ready to provide the best in service.

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