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Indoor Air Quality Services

Indoor Air Quality Services in Buffalo, NY

Buffalo, NY is well known for its high temperatures in the summer and freezing cold winters. For that reason, homeowners rightfully focus on temperature control, and the heating and air conditioning systems of a given home are often of paramount importance. But they’re not the only thing helping to maintain household comfort levels. Indoor air quality systems help deal with such things as dust in the air, high germ content, and humidity issues in summer and winter alike.

Throughout the Buffalo, NY area, the trained team at Roy’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling can be counted on to provide indoor air quality services for a wide variety of systems. If you think your home might benefit from such a system, or you already have one and it’s not performing the way you need it to, contact our team immediately. We care about your comfort and providing the best services to keep you healthy. We take the worry away!

Filters and Purifiers Are Always a Good Thing

Every Buffalo, NY home is different, and that means your indoor air quality solutions should be tailored to your specific needs. But almost every home can do with better air filtration: cutting down on the dust in the air and making for a cleaner, healthier home in the process.

We’re proud to offer installation, repair, maintenance and replacement services for electronic air filters of all varieties, as well as changing existing filters as part of our service. We particularly recommend improved air filters for homes with infants, the elderly and those suffering from asthma and similar conditions. Call us today; our team will go through your options and set up an installation schedule that’s convenient for you.

UV Air Purifiers Scour Germs from the Air

Homes particularly concerned about germs and cold bugs should look into the possibility of a UV air purifier, which is designed to keep one–celled organic contaminants out of your air. It shines a UV light bulb across the apex of your ducts, where the air in your home cycles through the system. As the air runs, it’s cleansed of germs and viruses.

That cuts down on the instances of illness in your home, as well as reducing the chances of mold or fungus taking hold in your system. And the air in your home is apt to feel fresher and cleaner as well, making it a nicer place to be and helping leave the best possible impression with visiting guests.

Keep Humidity Levels Nice and Even

Summers in upstate New York are muggy in the extreme, with high humidity levels turning the air in our homes into a swamp. The exact opposite problem takes place in the winter when dry air leads to static electricity and increased chances of a cold. Central air and heating can indirectly deal with the problem, but they’re not very good at it and the resulting strain increases the chances of a breakdown.

The solution is often a whole–house humidifier and dehumidifier, designed to add moisture to the air in the winter and remove excess moisture in the summer. Such air quality systems make your home a much nicer – and healthier – place to be, as well as easing the strain off of your HVAC system.

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