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How Ductless Works

Ductless Experts in Buffalo, NY

Ductless split systems are effective for targeted heating and cooling comfort. Compared to typical HVAC equipment, it is a less expensive and more practical approach to central air conditioning and heating. Ductless technology continues to make strides and gain popularity throughout our region, due to its cost-efficiency versus usual window units and inefficient ducted systems.

How Does Ductless Air Conditioning Work?

Low-pressure gas is transformed into high-pressure gas by the action of a compressor during its refrigeration cycle. Heat then exits to the outdoors by a forced air fan, and then the refrigeration becomes a high-pressure liquid. Once again, the liquid turns to low-pressure by a metering device at the evaporator coil. Indoor air heat energy is absorbed by the refrigerant, and the cooler air is pushed into your home by the internal blower. The result is low-pressure gas that moves through the suction line back to the compressor, which then repeats the cycle again.ductless mini-split system and how it works in a simple graphic.

Two Main Elements in Ductless Split System Installation

1.) Outdoor Unit – outdoor condensing units include three primary features:

  • Compressor: the condenser is considered the heart of air conditioning systems. It condenses low-pressure gas into high-pressure gas, making the thermal heat transfer process more efficient.
  • Condensing Coil: a mesh-like structure that includes a multitude of aluminum fins. It cycles hot refrigerant and handles the conversion of high-pressure gas to high-pressure liquid.
  • Fan: the fan takes air from the condensing coil and pushes the stored heat energy into the outdoor area.

2.)Indoor Unit

Indoor Ductless Air Conditioners

Ductless indoor units utilize a fan and evaporator coil in the same area. Every unit provides a point of use in each area it is installed for air conditioning. There are stylish cabinets available for wall mounts, duct mounts, or ceiling holder options.  Indoor units can be strategically placed in your home to provide cooling or heating options for a single room or entire home. Ductless air conditioners eliminate the need of inefficient duct work, and are quieter, more efficient, and offer greater levels of comfort. They’re also very flexible with installation areas, including condos, basements, garages, bedrooms, and attics.


Mini-Split vs. Multi-Split

Mini-split and multi-split systems are excellent choices for both single and multi-zone areas and can be installed in a variety of ways.

  1. Mini-split: a mini-split system has a single indoor fan coil and outdoor condenser. It is especially effective for cooling an individual room and can be used as a tandem to provide cooling for an entire building. It also includes separate temperature control for each individual unit. So, if one system goes wrong, the rest of them will be unaffected.
  2. Multi-split: a multi-split system utilizes one condensing unit that is connected to multiple indoor air handlers. During installation, it is equipped with a thermostat and when there is a request for cooling, all units are activated at the same time. This is a cost-efficient approach to cooling an entire building.

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