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Commercial Water Heaters

Commercial Water Heater Services in Buffalo, NY

Commercial water heaters in the Buffalo, NY area require specialized attention in ways that go beyond simple demand. Not only are they larger than residential water heaters – designed to serve a larger number of outlets for a greater space – but a commercial water heater often must respond to the unique demands of the business they serve (hot water for industrial dishwashers in restaurants, for instance).

Here at Roy’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling we understand the unique nature of commercial water heaters, and our team possesses the specialized skills needed to install, repair, maintain and replace commercial water heaters of all varieties. Whether you need a new one put in or an existing one repaired or maintained, we take the worry away from every step of the process. Contact our team today to get the process started!

Commercial Water Heater Demands are Higher

Commercial water heaters in the Buffalo, NY area are subject to greater demand than those in residential buildings. Office spaces need to support hundreds and sometimes thousands of workers, with sinks and toilets on the upper stories as well as the lower ones.

That requires a whole new set of skills, and when you need a commercial system installed or repaired, you want a service with the experience to handle commercial water heaters specifically instead of relying on previous experience with only residential water heaters. Our team has been servicing commercial systems for decades. Call us to get the process started!

Some Demands Are Unique to a Business

Not only do commercial water heaters need to keep up with higher demand, but certain components in certain types of businesses demand higher heat from the water. The most obvious example is an industrial dishwasher, which requires a much hotter temperature than a residential dishwasher in many cases.

Here, again, it helps to have specialized knowledge in commercial water heaters: someone who is able to recommend the right system for the job, then keep it repaired and maintained for many years after the initial installation. That way, you can focus on your day–to–day operations and leave the dispensing of hot water to the professionals: the most effective and reliable means of treating a very specific issue.

On Time and After Hours

As with any other component in your business’s plumbing system, a hot water heater can’t simply sit for long after a breakdown. Even in the most benign cases, it can slow down productivity as employees and customer alike must work around the problem. In the most extreme cases, it can bring your entire operation grinding you to a halt: sending your staff home and costing you untold amounts of lost business and productivity.

Any good commercial water heater service knows that time is of the essence when a problem arises, whether it’s a simple repair job or a full–bore replacement. Our trained team responds with 24/7 emergency services available anywhere in the Buffalo, NY area. Not only does that ensure that the problem will be solved quickly, but by letting us work after hours, we can correct the problem without getting in the way of your staff and customers.

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