make a bathroom cozy and warm

Fall is upon us, so those cool Buffalo nights are approaching fast. You want your home to be warm and cozy when it’s cold outside, but most people forget about their bathroom! Many people complain about how cold their bathroom can get, especially when they get out of the shower! So why not make it just as cozy as the rest of your home?

Here are some tips to make your bathroom warm and cozy this fall.

Open the air vents

Keep the air vents open in your bathroom to ensure plenty of heat gets into the room. Ensure that nothing is blocking the airflow to keep the room comfortable instead of freezing when you take that midnight bathroom break.

Seal air leaks at doors and windows

Seal any windows in your bathroom to keep warm in, and cold air out. There’s no point trying to heat your bathroom if the warm air leaks out of those pesky cracks and crevices.

Turn off the exhaust fan when you shower

Exhaust fans pull all the heated air and warm steam out of the bathroom. It’s a habit for most people to turn on the exhaust fan before they take a shower to avoid a steamy mirror. But during the colder months, keep the exhaust fan turned off to lock in the heat. Then, after showering, turn the fan on to remove moisture that can lead to mold and mildew. That moisture is not as much a problem during the winter months because it is quickly absorbed into the home’s dry air.

Cover the cold tile floor

Many people cannot install a heated bathroom floor, so covering the tile with lots of shaggy bathmats and rugs will help keep the room (and your feet!) warmer.

Preheat your bathroom

A small space heater is an excellent investment for a chilly bathroom, and it won’t run up your electric bill. Preheat your bathroom before taking a shower or getting ready in the morning using the space heater, and simply turn it off when you’re done.

Change the lighting

Swap out the cool lighting in the bathroom for something a little warmer. Bathrooms feel better and more heated with bulbs that emit K2500 and CRI 90 or higher. Combining warm colors like red and orange with warm lighting can create visual heat.

Call the pros for heating and plumbing problems

If the problems in your bathroom go beyond these changes, give the pros at Roy’s a call. We’re here to help make your entire home warm and cozy all winter long. Schedule your next appointment online or give us a call at 716-218-1106.

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