chemical cleaning to unclog are a no-no

You hop in the shower before work, and you’re met with a surprise – a clogged drain. Who knows what’s lurking down in there! Reaching for the chemical drain cleaner under the sink might seem like the best option for an easy fix, but it could cause more harm than good.

Chemical drain cleaners aren’t always reliable and can be dangerous to your plumbing system and your health! Read on for important reasons why you should avoid chemical drain cleaners.

1. They don’t work on every clog

When it comes to stubborn clogs, like that gross shower drain, chemical drain cleaners don’t always work. If you pour a chemical cleaner down the drain and it doesn’t clear the clog, then you’re stuck with harsh chemicals in your drain that can’t get out.

2. They can damage pipes

The harsh chemicals used in drain cleaners are strong enough to corrode metal pipes and soften PVC pipes, leading to costly repairs down the line. While these cleaners may seem convenient, it’s not worth damaging the plumbing system in your home.

3. They are dangerous for your health

Drain cleaners can cause a myriad of health concerns. The cleaning solution can lead to chemical burns on the skin, eyes, and mucus membranes. Even breathing the fumes from these cleaners is dangerous! The fumes are toxic and can lead to irritation and trouble breathing, especially in children and pets.

4. They can stain material

Spilling drain cleaner on your clothes or bathroom rug can ruin the fabric. It can cause stains or eat through the material if spilled. If you must use these cleaners, wear protective gloves and glasses.

 How can I clear my drain clogs?

If you’ve got a stubborn drain clog that won’t budge, turn to the plumbing professionals at Roy’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling for help before you reach for the over-the-counter brand. Our plumbers will unclog your drain the same day without using dangerous, harsh chemicals. Schedule your drain cleaning service call online (, or just call Roy’s at 716-218-1106

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