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How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Water Heater in Buffalo, NY?

The cost to repair a water heater in Buffalo ranges from $135 to $2,990.

We know what you’re thinking: That’s a pretty big jump from just over $100 to almost 3 grand!

The reason we gave a broad price range is because the cost to repair a water heater depends on several factors, such as:

Without inspecting your water heater and taking into account the factors above, it’s impossible for us to tell you right now exactly how much your repair will cost.

However, to give you a better estimate of what your repair could cost, we’ll explain each of these factors in more detail below.

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Cost factor #1: The type of water heater you have

The two main types of water heaters are tank and tankless. On average, tank water heaters cost $200 less to repair than tankless water heaters.

Tank water heaters are generally easier to repair, due to their simple construction and relatively inexpensive replacement parts. Tankless water heaters, on the other hand, have pricer parts and take longer to repair because they are more complex. Because of the expensive replacement parts and increased labor time, tankless water heaters repairs generally cost more.

Cost factor #2: The type of repair you need

What you’ll pay for your repair largely depends on what’s wrong with your water heater.

Some repairs cost more because they require an expensive replacement part, or because the repair job takes longer, which increases the overall labor cost.

To give you a better idea of what different repairs cost, we’ll share some common tank and tankless water heater repairs:

Common tank repairs

  • Water heater flush: $135 to $200
  • Replacing anode rod: $200 to $300+
  • Fixing faulty heating element: $250 to $400+
  • Replacing broken pressure relief valve: $150 to $200+
  • Leaky tank: $1,000+

Common tankless repairs

  • Fixing malfunctioning burners: $300+
  • Replacing a broken heating element or heat exchanger: $600+
  • Flushing out mineral build-up: $200+

Some water heater problems, such as a leaky tank, are so expensive (or impossible) to fix that a plumber will usually recommend that you replace your water heater altogether. The plumber’s recommendation to replace your water heater will also depend on the age and overall condition of your water heater.

Cost factor #3: The warranty status of your water heater

If your water heater warranty is still valid, you may not have to pay as much (or anything at all) for your repair.

We’ll explain.

When you first purchased your water heater, it came with a limited parts warranty from the manufacturer. Under this warranty, if a part in your water heater breaks because of a manufacturer error, the manufacturer will cover the cost of a replacement part.

However, to get this benefit, your warranty must still be valid. Most limited parts warranties are generally valid up to 6 years from the date of installation. If your water heater is older than 6 years, the warranty may have expired.

In addition to the warranty period, most manufacturers have certain requirements that need to be met in order for a warranty to be considered valid.

For example, a manufacturer may not honor the parts warranty if:

  1. Your water heater was not registered with the manufacturer (within 90 days of its installation)
  2. Your water heater has not received annual maintenance from a certified plumber
  3. Your water heater has been repaired with parts that haven’t been approved by the manufacturer

To find out more information about your water heater’s warranty, go to your water heater and look for the rating plate on the side of the unit. Here you’ll see your water heater’s model number. Then, visit the manufacturer’s website and search for your water heater’s model number there.

If you are unable to find the warranty info for your water heater online, you can try calling the manufacturer or ask for help from the plumber you hire for the repair.

Cost factor #4: The plumber you hire

High-quality plumbers generally charge more to repair a water heater. However, high-quality plumbers will do thorough repair work and fix the problem correctly the first time.

Some less reputable plumbing companies offer low repair prices, but their plumbers often use low-quality replacement parts or rush through the repair, cutting corners in the process. This poor workmanship often results in your water heater having the same problem a second time or needing additional repairs in the future.

Our advice? We recommend hiring a high-quality plumber, even if they charge a little more upfront to repair your water heater. By hiring a high-quality plumber, you can rest assured your water heater will be repaired correctly and that any new replacement parts will last for years.

A high-quality plumber will...

  • Be licensed and insured
  • Offer upfront, honest pricing
  • Give guarantees or warranties on their water heater repairs
  • Have good reviews on sites such as Google or Better Business Bureau

If the plumber meets the above criteria, chances are you will have a good experience working with them and they will do the repair correctly.

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