When most people think of generators, they generally imagine them as small, portable devices intended for travel, camping, or spending time outdoors. Americans who enjoy travel often bring generators when they spend time away from metropolitan areas and need temporary power.

While portable generators are crucial for off-grid living in many parts of the country, homeowners living in urban and suburban areas can still benefit from generators by installing a whole-home generator.

In this article, we’ll explain how generators are not just for off-grid living:

  • What Is a Home Generator?
  • Why Install a Home Generator?
  • PowerWorx Generator Installation and Service

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What Is a Home Generator?

If you want to enjoy the peace of mind a generator can bring outside of specific off-grid living and camping situations, we highly recommend installing a home generator.

Portable generators are instrumental in many situations but can only provide a few hours of limited power at most. If you want to install a generator in a city or suburban area, you probably want more durable backup power you can rely on throughout your home.

Luckily, portable generators are not the only generator solutions available today. Install more robust power protection with a permanently installed home generator. Home generators can scale to an impressive degree, so it’s possible to ensure backup power with a generator for virtually any size or type of structure.

The home generator is a device installed near your property and connected to the structure’s power system. It has various sensors that detect the flow of power current into your home. When slight fluctuations in the power current or signs of an outage happen, the sensors activate, and the generator acts as an auxiliary power supply during a local grid outage.

Why Install a Home Generator?

Modern generator technology has made installing a backup power solution for potential emergencies much easier for the average property owner. You won’t have to worry about a thing; it’s a seamless process to get power back up and running. When the generator connected to your home’s main power panel detects an interruption in the power flow from the local grid, it turns on and begins supplying power to the home.

Many options exist when it comes to home generators. It’s possible to install a small and affordable generator that can easily power and heat a small home or a larger generator that ensures you will have full power throughout your home during an extended outage.

Once you have chosen the generator that suits your needs the best, you can enjoy peace of mind during an outage. Your generator will be ready and able to activate as soon as you need it so you can stay safe and comfortable until energy companies restore the grid.

PowerWorx Generator Installation and Service

Generators require professional installation. During the initial installation, the electrician must safely connect the generator to your property’s power panel. It is vital to have a professional electrician correctly install the generator to ensure that fuel does not leak and the generator engages safely.

If you are interested in installing a generator on your property, talk with an experienced Roy’s PowerWorx electrician. Our professional team will help you choose one that suits your property the best and provides the value you expect.

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