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Backflow Prevention

Backflow Prevention in Buffalo

Backflow prevention is an essential part of your home and without it, your home could be vulnerable to a vast amount of problems. The device used for backflow prevention ensures changes in pressure between municipal water or sewage system supply and does not allow sewage to get backed up into the water you drink. A backflow preventer will not only keep you from drinking potential hazardous or contaminated water, but it also prevents your own sewage from backing into the city’s water.


How to Tell if You’re in Need of Backflow Repair

When a backflow preventer stops working, you could be drinking the same water you probably flushed down the drain. Although leaks occur and contaminated water is visible at times, backflow preventers still need repair in case you do not notice any of the warning signs. The only way to really determine whether or not your backflow preventer needs repair is if you call a professional, such as a plumber here at Roy’s, who can inspect it. Drinking contaminated water can result in some serious health issues, even death. Here’s what you will receive with Roy’s when you call for a backflow preventer repair:

  • Replacement of parts that have wear and tear due to severe storms.
  • Repair on any parts of the system that cause leaks or discharge to spew from the backflow system.
  • Ensure pressure within the system is up to code, guaranteeing water from your sewage system isn’t backing into your drinking water.

Are You in  Need of Backflow Replacement?

Any situation where you are having issues with your backflow preventer needs to be taken seriously. Due to the nature of the device, you might not always be able to detect a problem. You do not want your backflow preventer to malfunction without you knowing it. If you are constantly finding problems with your backflow preventer than it’s time to consider a replacement. At Roy’s, we can help with:

  • Our customers to ensure a full-system replacement is necessary and will repair any issues beforehand.
  • Providing our customers with a brand-new and high-quality backflow prevention system, ensuring all parts are working properly and efficiently.
  • Having certified technicians that guarantee a new model is installed correctly and will pass any and all certification requirements needed as requested by the state.

How Roy’s Can Help with Backflow Prevention

Since it is so high risk in drinking contaminated water, your backflow problems need to be solved immediately. Here at Roy’s Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, we will quickly and efficiency in making sure your water supply is 100% healthy every time.

Call Roy’s Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling today for all backflow prevention services!

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