Maintenance Plan Membership in Buffalo, New York

Leave Your Worries Behind with Roy's Five-Star Service Club!

Get Annual Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Maintenance for Just $14.16/mo*

At Roy’s, it’s our goal to provide Buffalo residents with maintenance that keeps their plumbing, heating, and cooling systems performing at maximum efficiency all year long.

When your HVAC and plumbing systems work safely and efficiently, you pay less for repairs and extend your systems’ lifespans, so you don’t have to worry about minor issues that snowball into a pricey replacement.

Our Five-Star Service Club offers comprehensive annual inspections and tune-ups, along with other cost-saving benefits. We make it convenient and easy for you to keep your systems running smoothly. Join 2,500+ members today!

When you enroll in the Five-Star Service Club for just $14.16/mo*, you get annual tune-ups and services worth $556.00 in value along with other perks:

  • Annual safety plumbing inspection
  • Annual trouble-free heating and cooling tune-ups
  • Annual single interior drain cleaning
  • Priority service within 24 hours**
  • 10% off all plumbing, heating, cooling, & electrical service and installations
  • $19.95 dispatch fee for regular hours, $89.95 dispatch fee for weekends and holidays

*Annual billing available at $169.95/yr.

**Subject to parts and equipment availability. If a priority appointment isn’t available within 24 hours, we will waive your dispatch fee.

Want More Coverage?

The benefits included with a Roy’s Five-Star Service Club membership are perfect for most homes. Some, however, feature extra equipment like a second furnace, an additional water heater, or a network of mini-split air conditioners. These homes may benefit from supplementary service plans so that all extra equipment is covered.

  • Add-on an additional Tankless Water Heater for $10.75/mo or $129/yr
  • Add-on an additional Furnace for $5/mo or $60/yr
  • Add-on an additional Boiler for $5/mo or $60/yr
  • Add-on an additional AC unit for $5/mo or $60/yr

What Are the Benefits of Joining Roy’s Five-Star Service Club?

Lowering Your Energy Bills:

According to the Department of Energy, regularly maintained systems run more efficiently, reducing your energy consumption by 20-50%. The lower your energy consumption, the lower your utility bills.

Enjoying Priority Service and Convenience:

Annual system maintenance can save you money, but is it worth the time and effort of remembering to schedule appointments? When you enroll in our Five-Star Service Club, you’ll get the cost-saving benefits of regular maintenance without spending extra time or effort on it. Our members receive annual reminders to schedule their tune-ups, and they enjoy priority booking.

Saving Money on Maintenance

Joining a maintenance plan is usually more cost-effective than scheduling individual maintenance visits every year. Our Five-Star Service Club members spend $169.95/year for a plumbing inspection, heating tune-up, cooling tune-up, drain cleaning, and other benefits, which could cost $556+ on the low end if they were paying for those services separately.

Also, enrollment in a maintenance plan typically comes with other cost-saving benefits like discounts on services, installations, and dispatch fees. For example, our club members get 10% off all plumbing, heating, cooling, and electrical services and installations, as well as reduced dispatch fees for regular hours, weekends, and holidays.

Keeping Your Warranty Valid:

Many heating, cooling, and plumbing manufacturers require homeowners to maintain their systems annually to keep their warranty coverages valid. Having a valid manufacturer’s warranty can save you significant amounts of money on your next system repair or replacement.

Extending Your Equipment’s Life:

Regular inspections, tune-ups, and cleanings can extend equipment life by years. The longer your system can live while still performing optimally, the more money you can save and no more needing to replace your system before needed.

Not to mention regular maintenance can reduce the number of repairs the system needs, saving you money over its 10-20 year lifetime.

Increasing Your Peace of Mind:

Consistent tune-ups and inspections allow for worry-free whole-home comfort as a technician or plumber will catch minor issues before they become expensive and significant problems.

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say About Our Five-Star Service Club

“You might have tried all the rest; now try the best!”

They’re courteous, helpful, extremely friendly; I cannot imagine any other company comparing in the service they provide. My motto is, ‘You might have tried all the rest, now try the best! Mary, 15 Year Service Club Member

“The team is great about helping one another. I genuinely like my colleagues.”

It’s the reliability and also the priority that you get from being a Roy’s Service Club member. It allows me to rely on them at the most critical times. They’re going to show up on time or early, ready to solve the problem. Chris, 5 Year Service Club Member

Become a member today. Worry less tomorrow!