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Service Technicians

Wanted: Flexible Service Technicians who would like to earn over $84,000 per year!

Roy’s Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling needs more service techs. Those already on our team enjoy one of the very best wage and benefit packages in the nation, and now, you can too.

Best of all, our flexible work schedule will give you more days off to enjoy what you earn!! If you’re making less, you owe it to yourself and your family to check out this opportunity!!

A FUN PLACE TO WORK Service and replacement work is the only thing we do, so it’s fast pace, exciting, and you’re meeting and working with people all the time. Most of our associates have been in service and replacement careers most of their lives, so you know we’re all thinking on the same wavelength. Many have been with us more than 10 years! Pleasing customers and having fun doing it is what we’re all about.

A SECURE FUTURE Enjoy the security our 38-year-old company can provide where you can expand your skills by cross-training in either the licensed Plumbing, or HVAC industry. We’ve always believed that the more you learn, the more you’ll earn and at the same time you’ll become an indispensable key to our company’s future success.

TOP WAGES We believe you deserve to be the highest paid professionals in the trade. We offer above union scale wages, fully paid medical plan, union pension plan, company profit sharing plan, incentive bonus plan, company supplied uniforms and laundry service, and more. Not only can you earn twice what you’re making now, but also you’ll have more personal time to enjoy it.

If you think this opportunity sounds right for you, we invite you to contact our office to schedule a time to stop by. We will keep your inquiry confidential.

In closing, we’ve all heard how hard it is today to find good help. We believe part of the reason is that good opportunities are also hard to find. We believe we have a great solution, but we only have a limited number of openings available. If you are truly one of our area’s best, don’t be left out…. Call Today!!


Lead Installers

Do you just want a job, or would you like a CAREER? Roy’s Plumbing, Heating and Cooling is looking for an experienced, reliable, and professional Heating and Cooling Installers to work full time. Roy’s has been in business since 1974 in Buffalo, NY. We are a family business, focused on residential service.

To qualify for our team, you need:

• 3+ years experience in the HVAC field
• Must be well groomed and have a neat appearance
• EPA certified
• Able to quickly and correctly install and replace HVAC equipment
• Attention to detail and a desire to see the job done right the first time
• Friendly personable, responds to customer concerns, and enjoys making our customers smile
• Valid social security card, driver’s license and a clean driving record
• Must agree to a background and drug check
• Desire to preform beyond the mandatory job requirements
• Ability to follow proper safety techniques
• NATE certification a plus!

You must also be able to lift up to 75 pounds and push, pull, or carry heavy objects. You must be able to maneuver heavier objects with assistance from appropriate devices or additional manpower. You must be able to climb ladders and work in small crawl spaces.


• Complete replacement and installation of equipment per the companies standards
• Maintain truck and keep inventory well stocked
• Maintain other equipment and tools and ensure proper working order of company property
• Perform other duties as assigned

We will provide you with:

• Truck
• Phone
• All Tools
• Uniforms
• Regular PAID training opportunities
• Achievement recognition



To qualify for our team, you will need to:

Have a minimum of 5 yrs experience with residential sewers , bubbler systems and drain excavations
Be well groomed and have a neat, professional appearance
Have a current valid Class A driver’s license and a clean driving record
Have a valid social security card and pass both a background and drug check
Be friendly, personable, respond to customer concerns, and enjoy making customers smile
Ability to follow proper safety techniques
Be attentive to detail and have a desire to see the job done right the first time

You must also be able to lift up to 50 pounds and push, pull, or carry heavy objects. You must be able to maneuver heavier objects with assistance from appropriate devices or additional manpower. You must be able to climb ladders and work in small crawl spaces.




Trainee is an entry level position into Roy’s.

Consider it the first rung on a career ladder that you determine how high you will go. You are creating your future.

We DO NOT need or want people to stay in a an entry level position.

We are open 24/7/365, we go when our customers need us. It is our job to serve them. They are the reason we are here, they pay our paychecks. Without them, there would be no Roys.

Our mission is simple – “To get and keep customers”. It guides everything we do.

We work until we are done. Period.

6 months of trying out different positions and jobs – to figure out which one fits you best.

Our work is…
Hard, Hot, Cold, Dirty, Inside, Outside
We are dealing with people, in their homes, with their families.
We need to be safe, provide a secure feeling
We are dealing with money, theirs and ours
We are driving a deadly weapon – it is a risk

What does it take to be Successful? Here are some points to help.

  1. Attitude – positive and upbeat
  2. Willing to learn
  3. Admit you don’t know or understand
  4. Communicate and listen
  5. Provide us feedback on how we can help you succeed
  6. Devoting extra personal time to your development
  7. Confidence that you can succeed
  8. Drive to succeed – Motivation
  9. Treat our customers like it is your house and your family
  10. Treat women like they are your mother or grandmother
  11. Be willing, able and ready to learn and assist every day.
  12. Think about the big picture, and completing all of the tasks to get the job done.
  13. Pay attention to details
  14. Be ahead of the lead man
  15. Never have empty hands going up and down, or in and out
  16. Complete a proper and thorough clean up
  17. Be able to look in the mirror and understand that you are responsible for your own performance, and be able to admit your own mistakes. We all make them.

Honesty – Be honest and truthful in all dealings. Conduct business according to the highest professional standards. Faithfully fulfill all contracts and commitments. Do not deliberately mislead or deceive others
Integrity – Demonstrate personal integrity and the courage of your convictions by doing what is right even where there is great pressure not to. Do not sacrifice your principals because it seems easier.
Loyalty – Be worthy of trust.
Fairness – Be fair and just in all dealings. Do not take unfair advantage of another mistakes or difficulties.
Respect for others – Be courteous and treat people with equal respect and dignity, regardless of age, sex, race, nationality or status.
Law Abiding – Abide by all laws, regulations, and company rules relating to all personal and business activities (IE – Clean drivers License).
Committed to Excellence – Pursue excellence in performing your duties, be well informed and prepared, and constantly try to increase your proficiency by gaining new skills and knowledge.
Leadership – By your own conduct, seek to be a positive role model for others.
Ability is what you are capable of doing
Motivation determines what you can do
Attitude determines how well you can do it


Customer Care Representatives


Customer Care Representatives primary job function is to keep our technicians in front of customers. This is done by converting inbound customer contacts into booked service calls, or initiating outbound contact as needed. They may also troubleshoot problems; suggest products, place orders or answer questions for customers. This work is often done by phone, but customer contact may also be via email, online chat, and written correspondence.

Representatives will provide customers with information about the company’s services or explain the options available to resolve their concern. They may make address and other changes to customer accounts. Some representatives provide basic instructions about product use and schedule appointments for repair technicians to come to the customer’s home.
Customer contact after service completion via Phone or Mail is also required. Customer concern resolution, making our customers 100% satisfied is also an as needed duty.


Customer care specialists must be proficient in data entry and the use of computers and telephones. Roy’s needs representatives who are skilled in Microsoft Office products and can type 25 words per minute. Representatives should possess strong verbal and written communication skills. Representatives need the ability to handle a high call volume while multitasking.

Personal Traits

Roy’s is looking for customer care representatives who have patient, courteous and compassionate personalities. Representatives must be comfortable working in a fast-paced, stressful environment. A willingness to work nights, weekends and/or a flexible schedule may be expected.

Education and Experience

A high school diploma or GED is a job requirement for customer care workers. Roy’s requires at least six months of customer service experience.